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1/16/2016, 6:34:14 PM ProjectRevoTPP: get a life

Addarash1: ? kind of you

Addarash1: you first

ProjectRevoTPP: I'm in college for IT, what do you think im doing undefined

Addarash1: i'm so impressed

Addarash1: !c

Addarash1: seriously why did you just whisper that to me

Addarash1: it was kind of insulting

Addarash1: i don't get why you aren't answering

Addarash1: simple question

Addarash1: Why are you talking in chat and not answering here undefined

1/16/2016, 7:06:41 PM ProjectRevoTPP: It's difficult to contextualize this hatred. You're on top, but you're so far ahead you break people's hopes and dreams that they'll ever be #1. Nobody's racing at the top anymore, there's no struggle between a few people for #1 anymore. You exploit the game, you game the game, you break the game. Just like how PBR broke Nkekev's #1 position, i sure hope PBR2.0 disrupts that pile of money you have. You make me sick.

ProjectRevoTPP: I never wanted this from PBR.

ProjectRevoTPP: At least Stadium 2 had some goddamn competition.

ProjectRevoTPP: But you?

ProjectRevoTPP: You give none.

Addarash1: so you're blaming me for being good at the game?

Addarash1: makes sense

ProjectRevoTPP: Too good. You spoil it for others.

Addarash1: this is hilarious

ProjectRevoTPP: You are gaming the RNG itself and I know it

Addarash1: i've been a perfectly good model as a #1 player lmao

Addarash1: i hope you are drunk

Addarash1: i totally can game the rng undefined there's been 30 millionaires or something in this game already

Addarash1: how is someone with 11 million anything ridiculous

ProjectRevoTPP: You keep telling yourself that when you're so high up there you can't see everyone else.

ProjectRevoTPP: So tell me

ProjectRevoTPP: the amount of money #2 has.

Addarash1: 5.1

Addarash1: so?

Addarash1: this is clearly your own problem, you're just projecting jealousy

ProjectRevoTPP: oh look there's the jealousy card

Addarash1: hating someone for being good undefined

Addarash1: yes that's totally not jealousy

ProjectRevoTPP: You little shit. You really think I care about that? My balance is low. I'd be playing more often if I did.

Addarash1: you clearly care enough to insult me over being good at the game

ProjectRevoTPP: No, you break the reason other people play. Why go for #1 when noone will ever out do you?

Addarash1: anyone can rise in money lmao

Addarash1: i was once an 100 clubber myself

ProjectRevoTPP: these days I have seen fewer and fewer people bet

Addarash1: with nkekev being the only millionaire

Addarash1: guess what happened later

Addarash1: people betting less has nothing to do with me and if you think it does you're projecting hard

Addarash1: i've had a few people say that i'm the reason they play even

Addarash1: tpp and by extension betting is not as big as it was over a year ago

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WowItsCharles:  I think terrierc isnt a little *** and deserves a second chance

ProjectRevoTPP: @WowItsCharles im sorry you're stupid

TrapperCap: @TwitchPlaysPokemon, don't know if it's possible to implement an achievement system OMGScoots

ProjectRevoTPP: Achievement system? Most often unlocked achievement would be: "Bye Bye - Get perma banned for being an idiot."

ProjectRevoTPP: do ineed to rant about how we cant fix the "seed" until streamer updates dolphin? dont be stupid and pretend theres an "on/off" switch we could hit to fix it its more complicated than that

ProjectRevoTPP: chatot symbolizes everything i hate about twitch chat. its an endless stream of unoriginal words, pastas, and people asking the same questions because they can't be bothered to do research

ProjectRevoTPP: Who issued this match?

supernapalm: me, just ban me already, regret it but deserve it

ProjectRevoTPP: @Supernapalm Are you *** stupid?

ProjectRevoTPP: when will people learn not to insult and harass other people for fandoms

ProjectRevoTPP: that goes for undertale tumblr idiots too

DarkVexon:  @Projectrevotpp Hmm. Do you have Plants Vs. Zombies Garden warfare?

ProjectRevoTPP: @Darkvexon No I dont play stupid mobile games


ProjectRevoTPP: > gets a weedle in Pokemon GO, has Struggle in its moveset

ProjectRevoTPP: plz

ProjectRevoTPP: that reminds me, i caught a staryu earlier

ProjectRevoTPP: i got lucky, making it my water main, also has psychic moves

ProjectRevoTPP: please stop defending terrierc, hes a troll who wants attention and is completely retarded and there is no redemption for somebody like that

Le5Raposa: It is pointless to try and balance an unbalanced game. Pokemon is by nature unbalanced. It's a game of chance,not skill. OMGScoots

ProjectRevoTPP: @Le5raposa What chance is there of a caterpie defeating a Dialga with Roar of Time? Are you stupid?

ProjectRevoTPP: the only thing that could make Tumblrtale worse is if Chatot was in it DansGame

ProjectRevoTPP: if you dont get Suicune now you'll get it later

ProjectRevoTPP: this is just a chance to get it early

s_SoNick: @ProjectRevoTPP Damn son, let them figure out at least SOME of the stuff on their own!

ProjectRevoTPP: @s_SoNick oh shut up, i didnt want any rumors about a single mistake making this an unwinnable run

ProjectRevoTPP: I didn't ban shit, I was saying memetic and viral songs should be put behind a heavier throttle than normal because people jump at the opportunity to spam the chat everytime its possible, don't misread what I said

MegaZard: @ProjectRevoTPP can we play our black run post game?

ProjectRevoTPP: i cannot magically change the overlay to support DS mode, don't be stupid

ProjectRevoTPP: "pbrgame prepare_match():213 INFO Preparing match on stage Colosseums.NONE with avatars YELLOW and RED and announcer True"

ProjectRevoTPP: A round of applause for Felk's stupidity

rycool102000: @projectrevotpp How about "The ultimate show" From super paper mario (Final boss theme) I think that'd make a great song for here

ProjectRevoTPP: ultimate show has too long of a startup

ProjectRevoTPP: dont be stupid

ProjectRevoTPP: if the community decided songs it would be full of dumb pasta and joke and meme songs

ProjectRevoTPP: Repetitive token matches are dumb. Please refrain from issuing the same match over and over, try to be original

ProjectRevoTPP: unwinnable matches were really a problem in PBR Silver and have since been mostly resolved since

Mariosyoshi: ProjectRevoTPP matchmaker still creates matches where shedinja is unkillable so your logic is invalid unless you remove shedinja from PBR alltogether

ProjectRevoTPP: @Mariosyoshi dont be stupid, thats a fault of Matchmaker 2.0 that is being fixed

Ifurito: Why did he get timed out o_O?

Cindipool: You didn't need to hit him with the hammer, Revo TriHard

TheShmish: If it is an actual fault which you acknowledge, then why is pointing it out being stupid? OpieOP

Mariosyoshi: the hammer hurts

ProjectRevoTPP: do you guys just yell olden at everything you dont understand

ProjectRevoTPP: man shut up

DillPickle141: If only the PBR 2.0 team would finish 2.0 BrokeBack

ProjectRevoTPP: @DillPickle141 do you care to help code over 2000-3000 lines of code do extensive testing finish porting musiccat finish the movesets for PBR2.0 and then test it all? no? that's what i thought

ProjectRevoTPP: so shut up

DillPickle141: @ProjectRevoTPP, nice job killing TPP EleGiggle

FelkCraft: 2000-3000 lines of code isn't much revo, pls OpieOP

ProjectRevoTPP: the baby needs a timeout in the corner

ProjectRevoTPP: BrokeBack = Pfaccioxx being dumb (no doing any research before he posts complaints)

[EDITOR'S NOTE: there was no context to this one, Pfaccioxx wasn't even being discussed in the Twitch chat prior to this comment)

ProjectRevoTPP: shut up guys seriously cut us some slack

VelocityRapt: The game is not unplayable in anarchy BrokeBack

VelocityRapt: The game is just more difficult in anarchy mode BrokeBack

VelocityRapt: Beating TCG in democracy mode is like watching golf

VelocityRapt: Beating TCG in anarchy mode is like watching WWE

ProjectRevoTPP: @VelocityRapt don't be an unreasonable prick

ProjectRevoTPP: "RNG until you get it right" is not fun sometimes

ProjectRevoTPP: quit it out

VelocityRapt: So you'd rather have a one player game?

VelocityRapt: Beating a game slowly is fun?

ProjectRevoTPP: @VelocityRapt its not about that, its about coordinating strategies between chat members, quit missing the point because you're a whiny little baby BabyRage

VelocityRapt: @Projectrevotpp Coordinating strategies in anarchy is a little more difficult, wouldn't you agree? Isn't the accomplishment more meaningful when it's more difficult? BORT

ProjectRevoTPP: @VelocityRapt you'll never accomplish it in anarchy when the system demands high strategy from fewer inputs, get lost

Snipey_Snipet: BANS MingLee

MrMaxAwesome00: @ProjectRevoTPP, velocityRapt was my alt, ban me too

VelocityRapt: Lol

VelocityRapt: Ragebans are beautiful Revo

VelocityRapt: Look at the chat rules

VelocityRapt: I have broken none

ProjectRevoTPP: @VelocityRapt you're being an unreasonable asshole, shut up or i'll make it real

  • ***FUN FACTS***
  • "dumb" = 33 results
  • "stupid" = 67 results
  • "ban" = 167 results
  • "stop" = 256 results
  • "hate" = 71 results
  • "love" = 53 results
  • "shut up" = 24 results
  • "be quiet" = 0 results