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u shudnt come here

—Someon's writing on road sign

Half-Life: Full-life Consequences

John Freeman who was Gordon Freemans brother was one day in an office typing on a computer. He got an email from his brother that said that aliens and monsters were attacking his place and aksed him for help so he went.

John Freeman got his computer shut down and wet on the platform to go up to the roof of the building where he left his motorcycle and normal people close because he was in his office lab coat. John Freeman got on his motorcycl and said “its time for me to live up to my family name and face full life consequences” so he had to go.

John Freeman ramped off the building and did a backflip and landed. He kept driving down the road and made sure there was no zombies around because he ddint have weapon.

The contrysides were nice and the plants were singing and the birds and the sun was almost down from the top of the sky. the mood was set for John Freemans quest to help his brother where he was. John Freeman looked around the countrysides and said “its a good day to do what has to be done by me and help my brother to defeat the enemys”.

John Freeman was late so he had to drive really fast. A cop car was hiden near by so when John Freeman went by the cops came and wanted to give him a ticket. Here John Freeman saw the first monster because the cop was posessed and had headcrabs.

“I cant give you my lisense officer” John Freeman said

“Why not?” said the headcrab oficer back to John Freeman.

“Because you are headcrab zombie” so John Freeman shot the oficer in the head and drove off thinking “my brother is in trouble there” and went faster.

John Freeman had to go faster like the speed of sound and got there fast because Gordon needed him where he was. John Freeman looked at road signs and saw “Ravenholm” with someons writing under it saying “u shudnt come here” so John Freeman almost turned around but heard screaming like Gordon so he went faster again.

John Freeman drove in and did another flip n jumped off his motorbike and the motor bike took out some headcrab zombies infront of John Freeman. John Freeman smiled and walked fast. John Freeman then looked on the ground and found wepon so he pickd it up and fired fast at zombie goasts in front of a house.

John Freeman said “Zombie goasts leave this place” and the zombie goasts said “but this is our house” and John Freeman felt sorry for them becaus they couldnt live there anymore because they were zombie goasts so he blew up the house and killed the zombie goasts so they were at piece.

Then John Freeman herd another scream from his brother so he kept walking really faster to get where he was. Ravenholdm was nothing like the countrysides there was no birds singing and the pants were dead and teh dirt was messy and bloody from headcrabs.

When John Freeman got to where the screaming was started from he found his brother Gorden Freeman fightin the final bosss and Gordon said “John Freeman! Over here!” so John Freeman went there to where Gordon Freeman was fighting. John Freeman fired his bullet from teh gun really fast and the bullets went and shot the final boss in the eyes and the final boss couldnt see.

Gordon Freeman said “its time to end this ones and for all!” and punched the final boss in the face and the final boss fell. John Freeman said “thanks i could help, bro” and Gordon Freeman said “you should come here earlier next time” and they laughed.

The laughed overed quickly though because John Freeman yelled “LOOK OUT BRO!” and pointed up to the top of the sky. Gordon Freeman looked up and said “NOO! John Freeman run out of here fast as you can!” and John Freeman walked real fast out.

John Freeman loked back and saw Gordon get steppd on by the next boss and he was mad and angry.

“I’ll get you back evil boss!” John Freeman yelled at the top of lungs.

to be continued..?

To say that Miles was on edge (too edgy for me WutFace) was like saying that he was passionate about the law. And perhaps, it would be more accurate to say that he was frustrated. He’s been frustrated for the past month, in fact. Ever since the revival and solving of the UR-1 case, all that his days have been filled with were paperwork and interviews. And by the time that he was able to go home, he was too tired to relieve his frustration.

It was an never-ending cycle of frustration, and Miles was getting tired of it.

Sighing roughly, the Chief Prosecutor brought a hand to his face. Biting his bottom lip, he squirmed in his seat, causing his arousal to brush tantalizingly against the seam of his pants. The urge to bring a hand down and relieve some of the pressure was growing, but Miles had some semblance of respect for his work space.

That didn’t mean that he wasn’t thinking about it, though.

Before his thoughts could get too explicit, his buzzer went off, causing him to straighten up in an instant. Clearing his throat, Miles brushed his hair back before answering the buzz. “Mr. Edgeworth, Detective Gumshoe is here to see you.”

A grimace came to Edgeworth’s face, not really wanting to see the detective at the moment. However, his arousal had a different opinion on the matter, as he felt his shaft twitch in anticipation. Any other time, he would tell the assistant to send Gumshoe on his way so that he could calm himself down until he was presentable. But for some reason, the month long frustration seemed to have finally started to take affect on his mental processes, because before he realized it, he was giving his assistant the go ahead.

“Send him inside,” he replied.

Letting his head slump down until his forehead was pressing against his desk, he sighed again and shut his eyes for a moment. However, it seemed as though the universe had something against him, as not even ten seconds later, he heard a familiar knock on his door before the door opened.

“Heya, Mr. Edgeworth! Hope you don’t mind me stopping by on my way back to work,” Gumshoe said happily, shutting the door behind him.

Lifting his head up, Miles leveled an unamused glance at Gumshoe, who gave a nervous chuckle before moving to sit down in the seat across from him. “Still irritated from all the work, huh?”

“What do you think, Gumshoe?” Miles asked matter-of-factly.

Humming in agreement, Gumshoe reached out to grab one of Miles’ hand, his thumb brushing the back of the Chief Prosecutor’s hand. A faint smile came to Edgeworth’s face before he leaned back. However, the sudden movement cause his arousal to shift in his pants. A harsh breath left his mouth and he shivered a bit before collecting himself.

Apparently, he didn’t collect himself quick enough though.

“Mr. Edgeworth, are you alright? You seem a bit…tense,” Gumshoe pointed out, strange gleam in his eyes.

Practically glaring at Gumshoe, Edgeworth clenched his hands tightly into fists. “I’m fine. I’m just stressed from work.”

The detective let out a sound of sadness. “You have been working really hard this past month, haven’t you?”

Miles just nodded his head, staring at Gumshoe as the detective stood up, slowly circling around the desk. Against his better judgment, Miles turned his chair to so that he was facing the detective. He was fully aware of the fact that his arousal was on full display for the detective, but he couldn’t really find it in himself to care about prosperity at the moment.

Glancing down momentarily, a faint look of surprise came over Gumshoe’s face before lust entered his eyes. The detective then glanced back up at Miles’ face, causing the prosecutor to shiver again, this time in anticipation.

It had been a long while since they’ve been in this sort of position and quite frankly, Miles wanted nothing more than for Gumshoe to walk up to him, tear off his cravat, bend him right over his desk, and utterly take him apart. The thought was so tantalizing that Miles grabbed Gumshoe’s tie and pulled the man down into a rough kiss.

Eyes widening in shock, Gumshoe nearly stumbled. Thankfully, he gathered his wits quickly enough and responded readily to the kiss, his hands moving to grab onto Miles’ hair. Groaning, the prosecutor broke the kiss before moving down to the detective’s neck, quickly taking Gumshoe’s tie off so that he could latch onto his neck.

“M-Mr. Edgeworth-” Gumshoe grunted out, a moan passing through his lips.

Parting from Gumshoe’s neck for a moment, Miles raised an eyebrow at the formal title. “You know full well that you can call me Miles at times like this, Gumshoe,” Edgeworth pointed out ask he took off his cravat, placing it on his desk before returning to what he was doing previously.

Laughing breathlessly, Gumshoe tilted his neck back to let Edgeworth continue with sucking his neck. “Well then, don’t you think you should be calling me Dick?” he asked teasingly.

“Stop being snarky and fuck me, you imbecile,” Miles stated simply, causing Gumshoe to sputter in shock.

“W-What?!” Gumshoe croaked out, backing up a bit.

Groaning in irritation, Edgeworth released his hold on the detective. “I would rather not have to repeat myself twice, Dick.”

“You want me to…here?!” Gumshoe asked incredulously.

“Well, I had been entertaining the thought a moment ago, but now that moment has passed,” Edgeworth stated, more than a little embarrassed (and put out). “I must apologize for my…rash behavior, Gumshoe. I was not thinking clearly and let my desires get in the way.”

Noticing how Edgeworth was starting to clam up like he usually did whenever he did something that made him vulnerable, Gumshoe shook his head quickly. “N-No, there’s no need to apologize! I was just…you usually don’t talk like this. Or act this way.”

A grimace came to Miles’ face, which caused Gumshoe to wince as he realized that his statement had made Edgeworth even more embarrassed now. Reaching out for his lover, the detective gave him a comforting, if not slightly awkward, hug.

“T-There’s no reason to be embarrassed, Mr. Edgeworth. I mean, we all have desires. You should hear what some of the other officers have been getting up to lately. I swear, it made me blush a little!” Gumshoe said, laughing and patting the prosecutor on the back.

“If this is your way of trying to make me feel comfortable with my uncontrollable desires, you are not doing quite a good job at it, Gumshoe,” Miles pointed out, shying away from his touch.

Humming thoughtfully, Gumshoe draped himself along the prosecutor’s back, his hands slowly rubbing up and down Edgeworth’s arms. He felt the tremble that went through the man’s body and gave a small smile before he rested his chin on his lover’s shoulder.

“Well then, how can I make you feel more comfortable?” Gumshoe asked as his fingers slowly made their way to the front of Edgeworth’s suit, unbuttoning each button as slowly as possible. “Would you like for me to give every part of your body the attention it deserves?” His head turned towards Edgeworth’s ear, letting a tiny breath caress the prosecutor’s ear.

Shivering, Miles gripped the arm rests tightly to the point where his knuckles turned white. “Gumshoe-”

The detective cut the Chief Prosecutor off, shushing him as he removed Miles’ outer jacket. “Perhaps you would rather me be on my knees in front of you, giving attention to your prick until you’re putty in your seat, barely able to hold back your whimpers and moans?”

Legs clenching, Edgeworth unconsciously spread his legs, his head dipping down. Seeing the influence he was having on the other man, Gumshoe smiled as he continued to undress Miles. His vest and dress shirt came off with little difficulty, revealing his toned torso. Gumshoe took a moment to revel in the sight, his fingers pressing and prodding at the slight muscle definition. While the prosecutor wasn’t ripped or buff in any way, it was obvious that the man took care in his appearance and worked out accordingly.

Pressing a kiss to his lover’s neck, Gumshoe let a fingernail lightly scrap against Miles’ nipple, causing the man’s back to arch in pleasure.& Knuckles

“Dick-!” Miles grunted out.

“Shhh…let me take care of you,” Gumshoe said softly as he let his hands drag down Edgeworth’s torso.

Grazing over his ribs and bellybutton, the detective followed the light happy trail all the way down to the prosecutor’s pants. He grinned as he saw Miles’ arousal pressed heavily against the seam of his pants, begging to be released and touched. Unable to stop himself, Gumshoe let his hand lightly press against the bulge. He licked his lips as he felt the cock twitch.

“You’re so hot, Miles. You don’t even know…,” Gumshoe breathed out in awe before he unbuttoned the other man’s pants.

“P-Please…,” Miles begged. The longer that Gumshoe teased him, the more that he wanted the detective to do what he truly wanted.

Miles had been frustrated for a long time, desiring one thing as the days grew into weeks. And as much as Gumshoe pleased him in bed (the man was very thorough and very focused when it came to sex), there was a small itch that needed to be scratched. He hadn’t even been quite sure what it was he had wanted at first, not until he finally allowed himself to confide in Wright, which was still a bad idea that he would never partake in again. At least, when it came to his sex life.

He wanted to be fucked. Hard. Ruthlessly. Until he wasn’t able to have a single comprehensive thought.

The thought was so dirty and filthy. It made his skin crawl with how deprived his desires were getting. But he couldn’t quite help it. Gumshoe, despite his stature and build, was a very gentle lover. It shouldn’t have been quite as surprising as it was, since the man was a romantic to the point of coming out one of those romance films that Wright’s daughter watched. But it still surprised him that the man didn’t even seem interested in taking him by his hair, pressing him hard against any horizontal surface and fucking the life out of him.

And the longer that Edgeworth wished for that to happen, the more deprived and hungry he got for it until it was almost always on his mind.

“….okay?” Gumshoe’s voice floated into his mind, breaking Edgeworth out of his thoughts.

“I’m sorry?” Miles’ asked, turning his full attention to his lover.

“I asked if you were okay. You seemed to be dozing off there,” Gumshoe pointed out, his hands resting on top of Edgeworth’s.

Blinking a few times, Miles nodded his head. “Y-Yes. I was just…caught in my own thoughts for a while.”

Gumshoe hummed and his hands moved up Edgeworth’s arms. “Well then, I’m not doing my job good enough if you have the time to think about other stuff then.”

Without any warning, Gumshoe moved his hands underneath Miles’ arms, urging the man to stand up. Legs quivering a bit, the prosecutor did as he was guided, quickly finding himself bent over his desk. He felt as the detective dragged his pants and underwear down, baring his ass to the other man. And based on the groan that came from behind him, Gumshoe seemed to like what he saw. Edgeworth glanced over his shoulder, clenching his hands as sneaky hands groped his ass, prying the cheeks apart to reveal his entrance.

“You’re winking down here, Miles,” Gumshoe said in amusement, pressing the pad of his finger against the clenching flesh.

Groaning in embarrassment, Miles let his head rest on the hardwood of his desk. “Don’t say stupid things like that, Gumshoe. It’s not attractive in the least.”

Laughing, Gumshoe continued to tease the sensitive entrance, circling around before he slowly let the tip dip inside. A cry came from the prosecutor’s mouth and he clenched around the fingertip before reaching back.

“Lube…second drawer…,” he grunted out, hips bucking up towards the finger in the meantime.

Heeding the prosecutor’s words, Gumshoe backed off a bit to open the desk drawer, spotting a small tube of lube wedged towards the back. Popping open the top, Gumshoe coated his fingers liberally before he set back to preparing Edgeworth.

At the first touch of Gumshoe’s lube-covered fingers, Miles flinched. Gumshoe pressed his clean hand on the prosecutor’s back, rubbing the flesh comfortingly before he slowly inserted a finger inside. Miles’ mouth fell open and his eyes shut as the sensations of being penetrated after weeks of feeling nothing but his own hand was almost overwhelming. He could barely stop his hips was moving, slowly growing impatient with the slow pace that Gumshoe seemed insistent on keeping up.

“C-Come on, Dick. Hurry up…!” Miles tried to urge, unable to keep himself still.

“Why the rush? We have all the time in the world. After all, you don’t have any appointments today, right?” Gumshoe pointed out.

Unable to say what he really wanted without sounding desperate, Miles just let his head fall back down. Why did Gumshoe have to be so gentle with him? He wasn’t made of glass, dammit! Sure, he’s dealt with quite a few things in his past, some that almost broke him mentally, but he was fine now. So why wouldn’t the detective just fuck him already?

“You sure are worked up more than usual, Miles,” Gumshoe pointed out, although he didn’t increase his pace at all. If anything, it was as though he went slower.

Before Miles could snap at Gumshoe to get off his ass and actually fuck him, another finger was added,. The fingers crooked up, pressing right up against his prostate. Jumping at the sudden feeling, Miles clenched around the fingers. This seemed to draw a response from Gumshoe, who cursed softly before quickly adding a third finger. The stretch caused Edgeworth to wince before he relaxed under the detective’s ministrations.

The preparation (teasing, in Edgeworth’s eyes) took several more painstaking minutes before Gumshoe seemed content. The detective stood up and used the rest of the lube in the tube to spread along his shaft. He stared at Edgeworth’s entrance for a moment before he pressed the head of his cock against the pucker. Licking his lips, he slowly pressed himself inside, letting out a breath at the feeling of being inside of his lover.

“Fuuuuck,” Gumshoe groaned out, Miles echoing his sentiment.

Hands unconsciously moving down to grasp Edgeworth’s hips, Gumshoe took in a deep breath before he started to move his hips back and forth. However, the pace left much to be desired for Edgeworth. The prosecutor whined as Gumshoe moved at a slow pace, on par to their love-making sessions back before the UR-1 case had taken over their life and free time.

The itch inside of him begged for more and Edgeworth tried to buck back to meet Gumshoe’s thrusts, if nothing else than to be fucked harder. But Gumshoe’s grip on his hips was tight, keeping him in place while Gumshoe continued his slow pace. Breathing heavily, Edgeworth tried moving one of his hands back to grab at Gumshoe’s arms, trying to signal the man to move faster.

But Gumshoe was either too idiotic to get what he was trying to tell him, or he knew exactly what it was he was doing and was going slow just to mess with Edgeworth, because now, the man was stopping the pace every time that he was buried deep inside, grinding his hips. Edgeworth could feel himself starting to come apart.

One last idea popped into Miles’ head, one that he knew would take Gumshoe apart, if only for a few seconds. Taking a deep breath, Miles shut his eyes before clenching himself around the detective’s thick cock, the sensation leaving him breathless. Behind him, he heard a choked grunt coming from Gumshoe and hands clenching tightly around his hips.

“Miles…,” Gumshoe gritted out.

Instead of his resolve breaking down like Miles had silently hoped would happen, Gumshoe just continued on moving slowly. However, his gentle rocking brushed tantalizingly against his prostate, drawing whines from the Chief Prosecutor.

It felt as though hours had passed until Edgeworth felt the familiar stirrings of orgasm spreading through his body. Shivering in anticipation, Miles rode the feeling of being fucked slow and steady, moans passing his lips freely. He felt Gumshoe drape himself across his back, broad chest covering him completely.

A hand moved up past his chest to grab his chin, guiding his face to the side so that they could kiss. Gasping, Edgeworth tensed up as his orgasm washed over him slowly, waves assaulting his senses in pleasurable doses. A few seconds later, he felt Gumshoe twitch above him before the man’s thrusts slowed to a stop and his seed was blowing inside Miles.

The two men breathed deeply, catching their breath quietly. Edgeworth felt Gumshoe detaching himself from his back before grabbing some tissues, cleaning both of them off. The prosecutor took a few more moments to gather himself together before slowly lifting himself off of his desk.

“Fuck…,” Miles cursed softly, feeling his body aching in protest. “I am getting too old for this.”

Gumshoe chuckled in agreement, looking over his shoulder at the prosecutor. “Well, you were the one who wanted to do it here in your office,” he pointed out.

Glaring at Gumshoe, Miles wiped off the sweat from his body before he started to put his clothes back on. “…Don’t make me lower your pay, detective. Just because we’re lovers doesn’t mean I’m above giving you a pay cut.”

Continuing to smile, the detective walked over to Edgeworth, pressing a kiss to the presecutor’s cheek, much to the Chief Prosecutor’s chagrin (and delight).



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This wikia page is amazing; it conveys a lot of emotions. After the porn links in the middle, it sounds like you have no chance of winning, but then the page quickly recovers and you feel full of memes again. It keeps alternating between Deku and Chatot. Finally, everything goes downhill when the wikia admins ban you and revert changes.& Knuckles

Deku stood up and walk towards Blaziken. Deku grasped Blazikens leg feathers and all blaziken could say was "W.. W... Wow Deku...." OneHand& Knuckles


Hello Deku, this is the administrator of PornHub™ we have noticed you  haven’t logged in for 2 weeks, we’re just checking to see if everything  is okay and we’ve prepared you a list of videos from your favourite  category (Blaziken). See you soon!

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Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plagueis "the wise"? I thought not. It's not a story the Jedi would tell you. It's a Sith legend. Darth Plagueis was a Dark Lord of the Sith, so powerful and so wise he could use the Force to influence the midichlorians to create life... He had such a knowledge of the dark side that he could even keep the ones he cared about from dying. The dark side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural. He became so powerful... the only thing he was afraid of was losing his power, which eventually, of course, he did. Unfortunately, he taught his apprentice everything he knew, then his apprentice killed him in his sleep. It's ironic he could save others from death, but not himself.

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So I was in a conversation with some TPP users (Gods) about death threats and hate speech. I argued that people have a right to take death threats seriously. They argued people don't, and that hate speech is anything you disagree with, and that joking excuses bigoted and threatening statements, and use triggers mockingly. Please coperino pasterino. - TerrierC BigBrother (I want to commit sudoku via KaPow - LordHelixBJ)


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The idea of “Pokemon Go” is to let your creatures battle for you, while you sit back like a Roman emperor at a safe distance. So, when an Oregon man was walking around at 1 a.m. looking for Pokemon and saw a man approach him with a knife, he later realized that asking the guy if he was playing too was probably a bad idea.& Knuckles

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Blaziken is a bipedal, chicken-like Pokémon. The majority of Blaziken's body is red with accents of beige, yellow, and gray. Behind its head, there are beige, hair-like feathers that continue downward and surround its chest and abdomen. It has a small red face with a V-shaped crest on its head. Blaziken's blue eyes are semicircular with yellow sclerae, and its mouth is similar to hooked beak. It has featherless, gray hands with three fingers each, and three clawed toes that are not normally visible due to the shaggy, yellow feathers on the bottom of its legs. A female has a shorter mask and hair than a male.& Knuckles

Blaziken has strong, muscular legs that give it great lower body strength. This lower body strength helps its kicking and jumping abilities. Blaziken's wrists have gray wristband-like markings capable of producing a tuft of fire above them. Blaziken can also make flames spout from its ankles. This allows it to cloak its feet or fists, and it uses these abilities while practicing a form of martial art. These combined abilities allow it to use its former signature move, Blaze Kick. Its flames burn more intensely when it faces stronger opponents. Every several years, its old feathers burn off, and new, supple feathers grow back in their place. While Blaziken is rarely found in the wild, it is known to inhabit grasslands& Knuckles

As Mega Blaziken, it loses its yellow markings, and gains black markings on its upper legs and chest. Its hair-like feathers take on a wing-like shape and point upward, and the portion around its chest is rough around its shoulders. The crest on its head changes into a flat horn that curves backward. The fire it creates on its wrists is now longer as well. When Blaziken Mega Evolves into Mega Blaziken, it further hones the power of its kicks, always a source of pride to it. As it unleashes a flurry of savage kicks, its legs can begin to burn from the friction of the surrounding atmosphere. As Mega Blaziken’s body temperature increases, its power and speed continue to ramp up.& Knuckles

Fist Me Daddy Trump 2016& Knuckles



NotATK Hi, am Marsa mother (real life), let cut out the slander and crap, you do understand her, she is autistic and if you don't know what that is, go read about it, this is supposed to be a fun site, not something you put down or say nasty things about, there is no reason any of you have to act this way, I could hear her from the other room. Quit bullying.& Knuckles

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HassaanChop It was another day on Twitch Plays Pokemon. ProjectRevoTPP was at the mod’s helm, fielding comments and questions from the community. “WHAT IS OUR NEXT GAME REVO?!?” Timeout.“SO I HERD U LIEK CHATOT REVO!” Timeout. “UNBAN JAYARE!” 24 hour timeout. “WHY IS JAYARE BANNED HE DID NOTHING WRONG!” 48 hour timeout. “REVO NOTICE ME SENPAI!” Timeout. “OLDEN WutFace” Timeout. “MY GOD WOULD YOU PEOPLE JUST SHUT THE HELL UP??” Revo screamed at his monitor, frustrated by the community. “For the last FUCKING TIME… Secret. No. No. No. Hi. SHUT UP WITH THE OLDEN SHIT” he typed into chat, furiously tapping away at the keyboard. From behind him, he heard a voice. “Hey Revo… whatcha up to? Mad again?” “Oh god GO THE FUCK AWAY I AM NOT IN THE MOOD FOR YOUR FUCKING SHIT.” he said to the person behind him, without even looking, stretching his arm back and flipping him off. “Oh COME ON Revo… relax a little. Don’t you wanna hang out…” His words were cut short by an empty Mountain Dew can whizzing by his head. “Listen. I fucking told you. I am not in the mood right now for YOUR shit. Go back to being someone else. Maybe you could be SinR2016 or Masterlightz and I can permaban you AGAIN.” “Well EXCUUUUUSE ME Princess Revo. Just because you had a bad day at modding TPP doesn’t mean you have to take it out on me. Besides… How can you possibly be mad at this?” “Oh TRUST ME I can think of LOTS of ways to be mad at you.” He said to the man behind him, once again reaching back and flipping him off. “OK Revo… if you’re going to keep giving me the bird, at least let me return the favor. Turn around.”

Revo swiveled around in his chair to face the other man, beard unshaved, hair a mess, and sitting in his boxers. “Uhh… What… what the fuck. Seriously. What… The… Fuck…” “What? I… I heard you like Chatot Revo…” The man was dressed head to toe in the most detailed Chatot Costume ever created, down to the feathers on his “Wings”. “Don’t you want to have some fun with your favorite Pokemon?” Revo’s face blushed slightly red. He could feel the blood rush to his face, and to his groin, his boxers slowly beginning to tent. Revo opened his mouth, but no words came out. “Oh come on Revo. No comeback? No ‘I FUCKING HATE YOU’? You’re getting soft. Actually… nevermind I take that back. You’re getting hard I see.” he said, giggling. Revo stood up, his cock continuing to swell. He stepped forward and grabbed the man by his “wing”, and flung him into his chair. “I… Swear… To… FUCKING GOD…” Revo quickly jumped on the man. He moaned as Revo straddled his lap, panting slightly as Revo leaned in and kissed him passionately on the lips. Revo pulled away, face flushed. “If you ever… EVER… do this again I swear I will kill you.” “Oh come on Revo… you’re enjoying it.” “Oh shut up.” “You can’t tell me this isn-” His words were cut short again by Revo leaving in and kissing him again, more forcefully than before. He continued to moan as Revo kissed him, letting himself go limp on the chair. Revo pulled away again, grinning at his bounty on his chair. “Get up, Chatot.” “Why? I lik-” “I SAID GET UP” The young man quickly obeyed, standing up from the chair. “ what?” he stammered out, feigning being scared. He knew it was all for show, but he played along anyway. He knew what was coming, as it had so many times before. “Come.” Revo said, grabbing him by the “wing” again. Revo led him through the house until they were in his bedroom. “Sit” “Y...yes Master…” “Now…” Revo said, smirking smugly, “Get on your hands and knees.” The young man obeyed, rolling onto all fours, his ass sticking in the air as he lowered his head. “Like this Master?” “Mmmm… Good little Chatot. You already know what I want.” Revo slapped his Chatot on the ass, causing him to yelp loudly. “Ow Master… that hurt.” He loved it, but feigned it hurting him just to please Revo. “Please don-” his sentence interrupted again by another firm slap, causing him to let out another yelp. “I DIDN’T TELL YOU YOU COULD TALK.” Revo yelled. The young man whimpered apologetically. “Now… turn around. I got something for you.” He obeyed, and spun around on the bed to face Revo. Revo had dropped his boxers to his ankles, his erection in the young man’s face. Revo firmly gripped him by the sides of his head, pulling him in.

Revo woke with a start. “Oh GOD… that was the weirdest dream I’ve had in a while…” he said outloud. “Hmm? You OK Revo?” “Yeah. Just… a dream.” “Oh? What about?” “You” “D’aww…. That’s so sweet” “You were wearing a Chatot Costume.” “Uh… What? I know we’ve done a little Roleplay and Cosplay in the past… but never as a Chatot.” “I don’t know. Meh… either way, gonna go back to sleep.” “Alright. Love you Revo.” “And I love you too Jayare” “So… about that unban…”& Knuckles

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REVO IS GAY FOR JIRACHI PermaSmug & Knuckles

"Hello? I'm one of the new community mods you hired!" said the young australian man as he opened the door and entered the dimly lit room. It was occupied solely by a nerd wearing a tight latex suit and a chubby swedish man that sat next to him, tightly bound and gagged. "Welcome, my dear...It's difficult to contextualize this happiness", the nerd said as the door suddenly closed itself. OneHand& Knuckles

In ELF translation:

What is " Hello? I picked a new mods community ! He said the ︰ foggy night to open doors for teens Australia at it even wearing gag, bondage and plump, sits beside gomsuit Swedish hard he had been accounted for just computer specialist . "Welcome, my dear ... happiness this " difficult suddenly call themselves geeks that door

Kreygasm 2:51 Kreygasm THE GODACHU Kreygasm

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I finally understood what all of the above meant. All those words written on the walls, they were from BRVR. This was all my fault. I left him. My best friend. To die alone. No, he couldn't even die if he wanted to. He was forced to drag out his miserable existence over the years. I didn't blame him for wanting revenge on me, I deserved this.& Knuckles

There are times I like to walk around my house wearing nothing but a pair of silky pink panties. The way they rub against my erection makes me feel so good, and thinking about someone walking in on me shaking my ass with just the panties on arouses me so much, I almost can't resist myself. I love you Chizu. I want to feel you inside me. ________________________________________

Revo's sexual episode with Chatot and Deku Edit

*Revo enters the chat* Revo: HeyGuys I caught this hypnotically captivating Chatot today, it looked so charmingly fabulous! It reminded me of the even more cute version of Tails OneHand WOW! 

--Back in Revo's Youth as a high-schooler around the age of 18 it was a somewhat sweltering hot morning with the sunlight shimmering! Revo had come back after a good day of school eager to train in the mountains. With all the school girls wearing short miniskirts with black leggings for modesty on Revo's mind. After a few Pokemon battles Revo became less mindful of the girls.  

Then it was encountered, the shiny gorgeous Chatot. As such, the absolutely beautiful craftsmanship of its resplendent feathers! As I orgasmed to the voluptuousness of its body and the sexiness of it's murmuring in the field. Kreygasm VoHiYo It then noticed me whilst blushing at me. It then started staring at me with its wang on hard and began mulling about me BigBrother (This was the best day of my life). I took it by the wings and groped it, fondling with its fun parts until its juice exploded on my face. I blushed. 'What a mess you have made, Chatot.' KappaPride  

It then squawked at me allusively, it wanted to me to catch it. Instinctively, I threw the Love Ball at it and within a few moments, I caught it. This had meant that we had a new addition to the sex party so I called up Deku telling him this news. Duduududoupdudoup* Ring* PermaSmug ] "Hello, Deku!" Deku: OneHand ] "Revo! Good news I'm inviting you over to my house for sex!" Revo: PermaSmug ] "That's great! I just wanted to let you know that I caught a Chatot!" Deku: PogChamp ] "Good because I wanted to tell you that I caught myself a Blaziken and I had sex with it!" Revo: Blushing in silence* Deku: KappaClaus ] "Come over to my house at 8 and don't be l8."  

-Sex scene in Revo's mind- 

'Oh yes, Blaziken! All over my body!!!!' /Blaziken Hyrule34  

Revo goes to Deku's house, the final destination. (Totally not a Smash rip-off) Peaking at Deku having sexy time 69 with Blaziken OneHand through the window see Blaziken to see the rest. I knocked on the door friskily waiting for Deku to answer. 

Deku: "Revo! Hey, how was your day?" 

Revo: Answered shyly* "It was Okay.."  

Revo awkwardly turning red. 

Deku: "Are you Okay, Revo, you look like you're having a fever." 

Revo: "No, I'm fine. It's just that when I think of how hot your Blaziken is and how cute my Chatot is, it really makes me feel hot!" VoHiYo Abstaining from talking more* Revo retorted** 

Deku: "That's alright, follow me!" 

Revo: Adheres inaudibly* 'He wants the wang!' 

Deku: Takes Revo to his room walking like a pimp* "You seem to be quite timid, Revo, I really hope you're not afraid of how big Blaziken's wang has become." 

Revo: Unresponsive* "..." 

Deku opens the door hastily and they both enter the room. Revo and Deku then both strip naked, with Deku's Blaziken panties being shown flamboyantly. Revo closes his eyes timidly with his tight black pants off, becoming self-conscious about his appearance. Deku then began to stroke Revo's joystick... While Revo was getting his joystick beat off he took notice of all the Blaziken magazines concealed under Deku's bed and had an odd look on his face. "WOW, Deku" OneHand with his face cherry red sensing embarrassment continuing. Deku *Uttered in a calm tone* 'Yes!' Deku began to rub harder and harder as his breath became heavier. The foreplay began to overwhelm Deku and Revo. 

Not long after Revo and Deku became tired so they slept with each other. Deku took advantage of Revo in his slumber, sitting on Revo. Precipitously, Revo felt a heavy sit as he glanced at the figure squatting and staring at him in the dark as his thighs were in crossed motion. Revo gasped and got up. Revo began to give Deku a rusty trombone where he tried to jerk him off and lick his butt as Deku moaned in satisfaction. KappaPride only for me to wake up jerking off on Chatot slowly to realize my intimate moment was just a dream. wutface Revo just continued with his wang on hard.

Deku recording with a camera readily to post it on Cornhub.

Deku: 'That was amazing.' Deku mumbled. 'You two were wonderful!'

Revo stopped for a moment to notice what was happening, feeling a tremendous density near his groin. 'More...' His body rested on a pillow once more as he went briskly. The bed was beginning to squeak as his body was moving upward and inward rather quickly. Suddenly, Revo took an intermittent pause. His body was warm and slightly hot as a feeling of indulgence was very forceful, the pressure was ethereal yet protrusive. Deku noticed that Revo was increasingly resembling Blaziken's hotness with its thrusting and watched dazzled. The sounds of Chatot began and increased in volume.

OneHand Deku wants some of that chicken wang mmm & Knuckles